Pastor Jenn is passionate about being what she calls a “bridge-builder” among God’s people, especially when we too often let our differences divide us. “Ministry is sharing the journey of faith with other pilgrims and companions in Christ. It means bearing one another’s burdens at times, and sharing joys and prayers, and celebrating every person’s gifts. It means finding common ground, even amid the greatest (external) differences.

Ministry is creating sacred space where people feel safe to explore their relationship with God, as well as their questions and doubts. Ministry never dictates answers or beliefs, but empowers and invites people to discover for themselves how to follow Jesus.”

Rev. Katie Jo Bielke

Pastor Katie Jo graduated from Eden Seminary with her Master of Divinity in 2010 and has been at St. John since. She not only likes to talk about God and be challenged in her ideas of who God is, but she especially loves helping others experience God in ordinary life and in new ways.

Associate Pastor