St. John UCC has become Open and Affirming

Sunday, July 18, 2021, St. John held a special congregational meeting to not only adopt an Open and Affirming covenant, but also to amend our bylaws, so that marriage at the church can include two committed individuals. This day was the culmination of two years of study and discernment that included guest speakers, bible studies, films, and one-to-one conversations and story sharing. This meeting was well attended and supported by the congregation. The vote was affirmation was 94%.

Open and Affirming Covenant

We at St. John United Church of Christ believe in a God of profound inclusion and extravagant hospitality. We seek to extend God’s love and grace to all who seek to follow Jesus, including persons of every age, race, national origin, faith background, marital status and family structure, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, mental and physical ability, economic, social and educational status.

We will continue to widen the welcome to all people as they share in our communal, worship and sacramental life, our mission, leadership and stewardship, and the blessings and challenges of being the Body of Christ.

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