Faith Statements by the 2019 confirmands

Alexa Holley

My journey through confirmation has been an eye-opening experience. It has brought me closer to God in many ways. I can see God in so many places. I see God in people, actions, and ideas. I see in a new and different way. I have grown closer to God because even if I don’t show my Christianity, I still believe God is there for me when I need him and even when I don’t.

The symbol on my stoll I picked was the fish. The fish was something that was simple but had a good and strong meaning. The fish was used in ancient times as a sign to show that you could talk about Christianity. I feel like the fish means that you are a Christian but you might not always show it. This applies to me because even though I don’t always show that I am a Christian I am. I am not ashamed but I don’t always apply God’s word to my everyday life.

I feel that when I don’t show my faith through God’s word, I show it through my actions. This is why I picked the confirmation verse, “Whatever you do, work at it

with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people.” This is from Colossians 3:23. I believe that the Lord doesn’t want to control us or make us into him. I feel that he wants us to be ourselves and live in his light and believe that he can lead and help us live the life that we want.

Actions are the key to everything you want to do in life. If you don’t take

action then you won’t get results. So when you look for God in the actions of yourself and others. At the beginning of every class, we say where we had seen God that week. This is a great tradition to see God’s action. Some weeks I put multiple things

down, other times I had to think about what had happened and where God was present in my life that week. You could say you saw God in your mom, or in a stranger. It was a time you could reflect on your life and the world around you to find God in places you never even bothered to look.

Talking about where you saw God in the past week helps me look for God in my everyday life. It lets me connect to God in a way that I never had before. It was good and refreshing to look at God in a new light. When you listen to other people say where they saw God we could all see how God has not only touched our lives but others lives as well.

I have started to see God in places that I never knew he could. I have been playing soccer for as long as I can remember. So, when I started confirmation, my faith journey had barely started. We didn’t go to church as much as we should have, but I dove right in. I started going to church every Sunday, and confirmation class every Wednesday. I was able to look at life from a different perspective. I could go to soccer and be confident that if I made a bad play or pass, I didn’t have to worry. I could be calm and good in life knowing that God had a plan for me.

In times where it felt like God had disappeared, I knew he was still there, watching me and guiding me to make good decisions. I had my falls, where I couldn’t believe that God would make everything better, but I got through. I got through and was able to continue my journey. It was comforting knowing that even when I felt that the whole world was against me I knew that I was going to get through it.

My faith has not only taught me to trust but it has taught me to believe that God will help everyone through their problems and life if they know how to listen. If God thought you should do something he would present the idea to you. He could get me through many of the problems I have. But sometimes it seems that God has left you altogether. When my great-grandma passed away, people kept saying it was going to be ok, or that God was with us. I couldn’t find God in that dark place. All I knew is that he had taken my great-grandma away from me. Then my grandpa explained to me that God only takes people away from us when their job is done and he wants them back. My grandpa also told me that it was for my

great-grandma’s own good. She was in a lot of pain and God helped her go in peace. This experience helped me believe that God always has a plan. The thing is the plan that God has might not be your plan. You might think you know exactly what you want but then God does something in your life that changes it.

My life is filled with so many amazing people. My family is also a big part of my faith especially my grandpa. He always says that when God gives you a problem that you feel like you are never going to get through, it means that God knows you can handle it. God never gives you something that he thinks or knows you can’t handle. God gives you problems to make you grow into a better person. God wants the best for you. He gives problems to you so you can learn how to deal with the things that get thrown at you. This shows that God wants the best for us even if we don’t know it.

Even though you can’t see God, he is still there for you and all people. He is always watching over you and helps lead you to make better decisions. When my parents got a divorce it was really hard for me and my family, but I knew I could get through it. I knew I needed my friends and family to get through it. I got through it but when I am struggling to get through something I know I have people and God there to help me.

My connection to my Faith has been strengthened so much not only by confirmation but my friends going through confirmation with me. Without them, I don’t think my connection with God would be as strong. They have not only been there for me when I need them, but they challenge me to be a better version of myself. We all get judged on a day to day basis. This amazing group of people has helped me through this year. I am so glad that I went through confirmation, and I am so excited for the next chapter of my faith journey.

Griffin Clark

I have heard many discussions in my life concerning evolution versus creation. Which school of thought is correct or who can make a more compelling argument has always been a question people share. People who believe in only evolution believe that there is no place for God’s creation is Science. People who solely believe in creation generally believe that evolution or any Science had no part in the creation of the world.

When I was eight years of age I heard and listened to both sides of the argument, it was a time of my life where I was very interested in dinosaurs. I would read books and watch countless movies about the time periods which dinosaurs roamed the earth. Throughout this time I learned about the creation versus evolution discussion. The books and movies about dinosaurs taught me about evolution and Sunday School taught me about creation. I could never choose one side over another until at a very young age I had come to a conclusion. That conclusion was that this wasn’t black or white, wright or wrong discussion and that there may actually be a third answer. This third answer made much more sense to me than the other two answers. This third answer was that evolution and creation had to go hand-in-hand with one another.

I came to this conclusion because there is no way that evolution doesn’t exist. A few examples of evolution are wolves to dogs or a fish called the three-spined stickleback that in just fifty years got larger and grew scales as armor and spikes on their back because the lake they are from became more clear so they couldn’t hide from predators anymore. After finding this proof of evolution in animals I still found one problem, it doesn’t explain where planets and stars came from or how life started. The only answer that makes sense is God. To me it doesn’t make sense that one day there was nothing, the world was empty then the next day there was an explosion and there were galaxies and stars with planets if there is no God. Even if you ignore that there is still another problem, where did life come from? How did earth go from just dirt and water to life, ho do you get organisms from just water and ground, it just doesn’t make sense. Nothing about the creation of the world makes sense without God. For it to all make sense God had to do two very major things. First, God had to create all of the stars and planets. Second, God had to create life and evolution to guide life to become what it is today.

Now, I am going to be discussing how this belief and some of my experiences have molded my beliefs on religion and God. Because of my profound interest in science I am pleased to discover that science and religion an coexist. Through confirmation and my deeper understand of the Bible it had confirmed what I always thought, that creation and evolution could never each stand on their own.

Because I have a strong love for science I very easily could have veered down the path of only believing in scientific reasoning and ignored all things religious. This past summer after experiencing a week at Camp Ondesonk, I became more aware of the Christian faith. My eyes were opened to my ability to branch out and meet new friends and try new things. This week at camp I met kids from all over the U.S. I came home knowing there was a reason I went to camp. My mom said, “I was more outgoing.” I then entered confirmation class and met this new group of friends. I have realized that it could have only been with the help of god that I was lucky enough to meet my new friends and people within our church. I have made life long connections and deep friendships with a group of people I would otherwise not know. God had to have played a role in guiding me to venture away to camp and then enter confirmation with an open mind to learn new things and be open to these friendships. These friendships have confirmed God is helping to shape us even when we sometimes aren’t expecting it.

Jackson Stenger

Being in confirmation has helped me get closer to God by serving others that are in a time of need and volunteering in organizations such as SOS and HHH. Being closer to God has helped ne with prayer and forgiveness. Being closer to God makes me feel a sense of security because I know that he is watching over me and keeping me safe. I also know that he will always forgive no matter what and will answer your prayers in ways that you may not think of like God shining his light through one of your friends to help you in your time of need.

Confirmation has not only brought me closer to God buy has given me a group of people that I can trust and talk to about anything, these people have grown to be my closest friends. The first time we went to camp DuBois the ride there was very uncomfortable, we didn’t know each other and we were nervous to talk, so the ride there was silent. The 24 hours we spent there without our phones gave us a bond that I knew couldn’t be broken, the ride home was one of the best times of my life, we were very loud and crazy. The difference was insane, “ I don’t think Pastor Katie Jo like the drive home.”    

Every confirmation Wednesday, Pastor Katie Jo askes us one question, she asks “Where did you see God.” I believe that this question has changed the way I look at things happening around me. I can now look at the positive in people or looking at the way god is shining his light in everything and everyone around me. I believe that little acts of kindness are some things that I see God in, so when my confirmands are helping me, or others that are feeling down and are in a time of need that’s where I see God. I also see God in the places I go, and the things I see. I see God in these places because I know that god spent his time to make everything for us. I believe that we take a lot for granted like trees they give us oxygen which helps us breathe and we need oxygen to stay alive.

My favorite lesson we have talked about in confirmation so far would have to be prayer. We talked about how you can pray at any time and how there are so many things that you can pray about like forgiveness, thanks, confession and you could do it with a group, by yourself, out loud or quite but my favorite type of prayer is the breathing prayer. You can do it when your stressed or need Gods guidance. I use the breathing prayer when I’m stressed out at school or I need Gods guidance on a project or a test. Another lesson that I really liked was the history of the church. I found it interesting how we came to be, learning that we started in 1894 and before 1932 we were a fully German-speaking church. We didn’t have a second service until 1957 and second pastor until 1961.

Karen Speer

My confirmation experience has changed my thoughts and perception of Christ in many ways.  Attending church services, Sunday Schools, and Wednesday night classes has taught me so much about why I am even able to be here typing this faith statement.  With the help of my fellow confirmands, prayer partner, pastors, Sunday school teachers, family and other people who have inspired me in the church, I am able to see God  in my daily life and become a better Christian.

When Pastor Katie Jo required us to tell our class where we saw God every week, I was skeptical about why that would have any importance in my journey.  Turns out, that has helped me the most. Living my hectic life and searching for God in people has made me notice the best qualities in people. Things as simple as my brothers helping me out with homework to a Schnucks employee picking up a glass jar I broke, seeking God every day has shown me the beauty in life.  

Another thing that has helped me in my journey is the conversations we would have in confirmation class.  The topic of that night may have been prayer or the commandments, but every single time we would build on that topic and create great conversation within our questions and opinions.  Even though God has brought me many amazing things this year, he also brought me an amazing group of friends that I can trust and talk to about anything.  Without realizing it at the time, the fellowship I was experiencing made me grow so much.  My opinions on things changed drastically. For example, the way I view prayer has changed from thinking it needs to be structured, to simply doing it when I feel God is saying that it is the right time for me to give Him my time.

The confirmation verse I chose is Galatians 6:9 and it quotes, “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good.  At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”  I picked this verse because it means a lot to me. In my generation, I experience a lot of peer pressure.  It is easy to remember to do the right thing, but hard to follow through with doing it. This verse helps guide me to remember that when I do good, I will continue to receive blessings. An example of this concept was during the children’s moment on February 24 in mosaic.  Lori Yanousek gave my confirmands and I a Hershey kiss. She explained that we could either give it to someone sitting in church at that moment, or we could keep it for ourselves. Most of us, including myself, gave it someone in a pew. When we returned back to the stairs for the rest of the children’s moment, Lori presented us with more Hershey kisses.  Although she was trying to present the idea that our blessings will multiply when we are being kind and giving blessings ourselves, I took it in another way. I related the idea back to my verse and thought that if I continue to do good and not give up when things get hard for me personally, God knows and He will continue to bless me unconditionally.

I believe that prayer has been a big piece of my journey with God. When I was little, my dad and I would recite prayers before bed as a way for us to connect to God because we rarely made it to church.  He would teach me prayers like the Lord’s Prayer and it became a routine. Growing up, he would remind me to say my prayers before I went to bed and I thought that was all there was to it. Realizing it now, that is far from what prayer is.  Sure, that might be one of the prayers I will say throughout the day. But, there are so many opportunities for prayer. Any second of the day God gives us can be a time for prayer! During a test, before sports, before eating, and many more times of the day are perfect for prayer.  This has helped me so much because now I feel like I have a connection to God 24/7 rather than only feeling his presence for about five minutes of a day. I feel like this is a crucial piece of my journey that has evolved into so much more.

This year, the church has brought me an amazing place where I can drop my worries and stress before coming in.  God has helped me learn to enjoy coming to church because it is one of the only times of the day where the chaos is slowed, and everyone is calm.  Even though things might be dysfunctional in the service, it is so enjoyable to all be as one. There truly isn’t a greater gift than that.

Before confirmation started, I would consider myself a lukewarm Christian.  I rarely attended church and had some doubts about God. After attending class and going to church a lot more, I know for sure that my faith in God is stronger and that He and I have a better relationship.  Confirmation has given me amazing opportunities such a service projects, fellowship, and worships that are all surrounded in God’s beautiful creations. I don’t think my faith has been stronger than it is now and I thank God for that.  My journey in confirmation was amazing and very fun and I don’t think it ended here. It is just getting started.

Kyra VanDyke

My connection with God has grown tremendously in the months I have been in confirmation. I have learned so many things that will help me grow my connection with God as I continue to get older. The bible verse I chose is Philippians 4:13, which states “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This verse has a lot of meaning to me because it tells me that God will always be there to help me through the hard times in life.

My grandpa passed away from a heart attach in September of 2014. He was never sick, It just happened out of nowhere. It was one of the hardest and darkest times of my life. I kept asking God why he would do that to my family. But, then, I learned that there is a reason behind everything that God does. He helped me and my family get through that tough time. Most importantly, God provided light for me when there was darkness, and he gave me the strength to push through that time of darkness.

God has helped me with so many other things. For example, when I moved to Texas. I was so scared when my parents told me we were moving. I had a lot of doubts in my mind about moving because I wanted to be with my family and friends, and I thought I wasn’t going to make any friends. I was wrong. I met so many amazing people in Texas that are now some of my best friends. In fact, I was really sad when I heard we had to move back because I was going to miss everyone so much. God’s plan for me to move there was one of the greatest times of my life. I met my best friend and so many other great friends that I still keep in touch with all because of God.

Even though I was sad to move back, I have had a really fun time because of my friends that I’ve met in confirmation. Confirmation has brought me so many amazing opportunities like, having a better connection with God and getting to know some great friends that I will be friends with my whole life. They are people I can talk to and not have to hold anything back because I know they won’t judge me. They are always there when I need them. I’m truly blessed that god has given me these people that I can trust and talk to whenever I need them.

Other than the people I have met in confirmation, it has probably been on of the best experiences of my life. My faith journey has changed a lot from the beginning of confirmation to now. I have learned so many new things. Confirmation taught me that God is everywhere, in everything, all the time. We got asked where we saw God every week in confirmation. I feel like this is an important question because it makes me more aware of the good things that people do constantly. This question has changed me as a person, for the better. It has made me better at realizing the good things that people do instead of focusing on the mistakes they make or the bad things they do.

God is not just a person we learn about. He is like a shepherd who protects and guides us away from evil. “I fear no evil, for you are with me.” He is like a other bear who will protect us from evil. “Like a bear robbed of her cubs, I will attach them and rip them open.” He is like a creator who created us to be who we are. “Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” He is like a rock who’s strength will protect me from all evil of the world. “The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer.” God will be with you for the rest of your life to give you the strength you need to make it through the obstacles of life. As I said before, “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This goes for everyone. God is everywhere and is always with you to provide protection and guidance. He is the light at the end of the tunnel.  

Luke Geisen

I would first like to start with my confirmation verse and what it means to me. My confirmation verse is from Luke 11:28. It says “Happy rather are those who hear God’s word and put it into practice”. I chose this verse because when I was younger I  never really liked going to church and I didn’t pray that much, but when I got into confirmation I started to enjoy church more.  I now pray to God and when I leave church I do what he said and it makes me happy.

For confirmation we have to complete 15 service projects and 5 of those have to be in the church. Through this experience, I realized all the things our church offered and it was awesome to see all the things our church does for the community. One of the things we helped with was St. John’s Home and Community Care where we played games and helped them color a pumpkin. They also do the SOS Soup Kitchen where they serve food to people in need. It is wonderful to see all the things our church does for people.

In confirmation every week we have to say where we saw God that week. I see God in the people at this church both today and in the past. I am proud part of the history of United Church of Christ. The UCC has done amazing things throughout history like ordaining the first African American pastor in 1785. Another thing I am very proud of is that the UCC church also ordained the first openly gay female pastor in 1972. I find this amazing because it is so hard today to be openly gay and not be discriminated against. I don’t get how people can say it is a sin or it is not what the bible says. Don’t we say that it doesn’t matter who you are and God loves everyone? So how could it be a sin to God if you are gay or a different race? God loves everyone. I know people have their beliefs, but we have to start accepting others because you can’t change things like who you love or the color of your skin. I also feel that we need to be accepting of other religions because God is also accepting. We say all the time to love thy neighbor, and our neighbors are everyone in the world, so you should love everyone in the world.

The most amazing thing our church does is to welcome anyone at our church no matter your age, race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. When I was younger I didn’t know that some churches didn’t allow just anyone to go to their church. It’s sad to know that there are churches that discriminate against some people for who they are. I am proud of our church because they are accepting of everyone.

When I was younger I went to the 10:30 Mosaic worship service and I would just sit there not getting anything they said, but now in confirmation I have more of an understanding. For confirmation we had to fill out 20 worship services, and when I got my first paper I wasn’t looking forward to it. However, the more and more I did those papers I understood it better and I actually paid attention to the sermon. I really understood what the pastors were trying to say and some of them were really interesting to me.

Being in confirmation has changed the way I look at church and God. I can’t wait to see what the next part of my faith journey will look like.

Michelle Lake

My time in confirmation was very eye-opening. I made a lot of friendships that will hopefully last a long time. I have a close group of friends that I can always rely on when I need anything. Although I may not get along with some, I still trust them and rely on them.

I have learned many ways that I can worship god. For example, one way is in church itself. Another is sunday school and at home. I like going to church and I try my best to. It makes me feel like I started my week right.

My favorite lesson that we talked about was heaven and hell. I liked heaven and hell the most because I enjoy learning how other people interpret heaven and hell. I interpret heaven like a very bright or happy place kind of like a dream. I imagine like a cute little town for everyone. I think of hell as this dark fiery place where everyone is suffering for eternity. I am going to be a good person and except god into my heart that way I would never have to know what it is like in hell.

Every week pastor Katie Jo asked us where we saw god. This was my favorite part of confirmation class. This was my favorite part I enjoy hearing about their weeks and either good things they have done or good things others have done for them or around them. I am going to keep asking myself this question every sunday and writing it in a notebook, that way when I am having a bad day I can look back and it would make me feel better.

My other favorite lesson was the history of St.John. It is my favorite lesson because it is important to know why our church was started and when. I also enjoyed looking at pictures of the older churches. That was very neat. I feel that the church we have now is the best though mostly because I feel it is the biggest and could support our congregation especially on days like easter or christmas. Our church gets PACKED on christmas.

I hope that in the future everyone in our confirmation class will get together and see each other on a weekly basis. I feel that they are some of my closest friends.

Conner Hartman

My confirmation bible verse is John 10:14, “I am the good shepherd. I know my own sheep and they know me.”

This bible verse I think means that God provides us with the things we need to live and thrive. And because of the things he provides and the promise of eternal life we trust in him to give us a good life by following his words and teachings.

The Ten Commandments should be followed as much as possible, if you can’t live up to one you should speak to God and ask him to help you strengthen your faith in him and get you through a troubled time.

I really like the history of the UCC. Our church alone dates back very far in the past. They were the first church to do many things. They were responsible for baptising many people of “all” types. They have accepted many types of people no matter where they are in their journey of faith. Our church has also started many programs that help people in our community, just as god has instructed us to do.

During confirmation classes I have felt a strong connection with God. These classes have taught me how to be a good christian and to spread God’s word. At the confirmation retreat the theme was “Love Thy Neighbor.” The message was talking about how everyone in your community is your neighbor and you should create a bond with them. I really enjoy going to Camp DuBois because I feel safe and peaceful there, and I don’t have to worry about people judging me. It’s a great time to enjoy God’s word and enjoy the fellowship with my friends and new friends that i meet there.

I like to help out with a lot of things in the community. I helped my church out a lot during confirmation and I really want to keep helping the community out.  I think fellowship isn’t just if you know someone, I think you need to be more connected with them and you have shared many times with them. Also leadership isn’t just showing people the way. It’s more about the fact that a good leader needs a point or reason why they are leading. It’s like running into a battle without any plans. So a strong leader needs a good message and god provides this through his word and teachings.

I will continue to live and support God’s word throughout my life. The lessons I have learned here at St. Johns will go on with me into adulthood. I promise to always respect god and his word, And will support him through helping others and by spreading the word of god. I really enjoyed confirmation classes and being with my friends and learning about God and learning about how the church works and how I can be a good christian and spread God’s word.

Carter Hartman

I grew up in a Christian environment. My family has always exposed me to Christ and his teachings. We practice and follow god’s word and thank him daily for the things he provides us. The ten Commandments mean a lot to me. I feel these are God’s simple rules to live and abide by and follow too the best of my ability. When I sin I know that I can trust in God too hear my confession and know that I am forgiven. I know this because of God’s promise to true believes that Christ died for our sins. Sin is a broken relationship with god because god is a chain and if you sin that chain is broken but if you confess that you sinned that chain will be can be put back together.

The bible verse I chose is John 20:23 “If you forgive someone’s sins then their sins are forgiven, if you do not forgive them then they are not forgiven.” I chose this bible verse because I believe everyone should be able to ask for forgiveness. And I should be able to forgive others just as God has forgiven my sins. Forgiving other and loving others is what god tells us what to do.

I feel the importance of going to church every Sunday morning is so I can hear the word of God and to reconnect with god and also spending time with my friends ins god’s house. I have enjoyed hearing and learning about go din Sunday school and confirmation class. I have made lots of new friends and met lots of great people. I’ve enjoyed donating my time too the church. By donation my time and energy I can help my community and others. This is what god calls on us to do. To do our part and help out the church in its mission too take care and help others is what god wants us to do.

When you pray do it alone, because god has a stronger connection with you when you are alone and god doesn’t need us to flaunt how devoted to him we are. He wants us to be connected with us not those who do not believe because we will more likely listen to him much better than those who don’t believe the holy word of Jesus.

I believe that Camp DuBois is a great place to have fun and an even better place where I can connect with God and share in his word and enjoy the fellowship of the other campers. I feel that camp has made me a better Christian and has made me feel so much closer to god.

I believe there are 2 sacraments, My favorite being confirmation, I have made some new friends and strengthen bonds with other friends in confirmation. Confirmation has helped me to see and learn new ways to connect and interact with God and has made it easier for me to see and connect with God more often. After confirmation I plan to continue to live a Christian life by continuing to learn and listen to god’s word and by spreading god’s word to others.

Jack Geisen

My journey through confirmation has given me a closer connection to God and Jesus. I have started to learn what prayer is, learn about the 10 commandments, and where I see God. God is around everyone, even at times we don’t think he is. If something happens in your life do you ever question why God has done this? I have questioned God’s actions, but God has a reason for everything and some reasons are easier to understand than others.

Throughout confirmation I have learned that prayer can be done any way, any time, and any place. Sometimes when I pray I wonder if

God actually listens. Sometimes it may seem like He is not listening when I pray or I may not get answers to my prayers right away, but He is always there for me. I know he is there for me because these actions from God teach me patience and faith

I can see God in anyone. God is always present–even if I have a bad day, He is always with me and there for me when I need Him. When my grandpa had his stroke it was tough for my family, and it took a long time for all of us to recover. I asked God why he would do this to him and God answered. He did not give me an exact answer, but God’s answer was allowing me to become closer to my grandpa. Being with him made me learn that I need to be thankful for what I have. Then three years into my grandpa’s recovery, my grandma had to have triple bypass surgery and that was very shocking for my family. That was one of the few times I really remember seeing my Grandpa cry and it was devastating. Just after my grandma’s surgery, my grandpa went to the hospital because he wasn’t feeling good. While at the hospital, he got an x-ray and the doctors found out that he had cancer. That hit our family even harder.  Each of these experiences brought me closer to my family, my friends, and those who were always willing to help our family. My grandma ended up doing great with her surgery and her health has improved so much, and my grandpa has finished his treatments and is getting stronger every day. Even though we we were struggling with all that was going on, we had so much support from everyone. My grandparents know almost everyone in town, and it’s still nice to see people come up to him and ask how he is doing. I saw God in everyone that supported our family through everything that happened and through their recovery.

My Bible verse is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” NKJV (New King James Version). This verse is meaningful to not just me, but also my grandparents. Christ was with them when they had to go through all of these things and Christ helped them. My grandparents had a hard time through all of these illnesses and it was tough, but with all of the support and strength through Christ, they are doing just fine. Philippians 4:13 is the best verse for me because it reminds me that people need strength to do everything and that strength comes from God, and without that strength from God people would struggle.

One thing I learned in all of this is that serving others is important. People helped our whole family by taking my grandparents to appointments, Giving us meals while our grandparents were in the hospital, and by writing cards saying to get better. Everyone may need that strength from God and our friends helped us find that strength by doing all of these things. We all need to give that strength to someone or help them find that strength. That is what people did for my grandparents. They helped them find God’s strength with little things like saying hi, or asking how they were doing, or just talking to them. People have helped me and my grandparents throughout our lives and have given us that strength we need.