Emmaus Homes

Extra Step Offering collected on October 4, 2020 will go to Emmaus Homes.

Here are a few opportunities to Partner with Emmaus Homes:

  1. Provide a party kit for approximately 5 people. Include themed decorations, trinkets, and cake
    mix or snacks (consider making some sugar-free). Think beach day, spa day, movie night,
    superhero time, luau, etc.
  2. Provide board games, or puzzles that are easy to learn, or craft items/kits. New items only
    please, unwrapped, due to coronavirus pandemic.
  3. Become a pen pal with a household of 3-4 people. This can be a short-term or long-term
  4. Make a video for our frontline staff with clips of people saying, “Thank You!” and
    acknowledging that they are still doing essential work. Or send notes or cards.
  5. Refer someone to work as an Emmaus employee!
    Contact Ashley Panhorst at panhorstashley@emmaushomes.org

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