S.O.S. Soup Kitchen

St. John Church was instrumental in laying the groundwork for
the Soup Kitchen Coalition. A committee was formed to reach
out to other congregations and civic organizations to join us in serving a hot meal every Thursday evening. Men’s Fellowship provided the seed money to purchase the casserole pans. We took a leap of faith and served 15 patrons the first meal of the Spirit of Sharing (S.O.S.) Soup Kitchen on June 7, 2012.

Here we are, 7 years later serving two meals a week, Tuesdays
(except the last) at First United Presbyterian Church and the last
Tuesday at First United Methodist Church) and Thursdays still at
St. John with an average of 168 meals a week being served. Our
coalition has grown from 4 to 18 churches and organizations.
We went from being a St. John led ministry, to being accepted
into the Collinsville Area Ministerial Association (CAMA), and
severing ties from CAMA in 2018 to become an entity under the
Collinsville Food Pantry.

This is a ministry of love and compassion, feeding not only those who are hungry but those in need of fellowship, too. Our guiding light has always been and will remain Matthew 25. May

God continue to bless this ministry abundantly!

Clarification Regarding S.O.S., The Collinsville Food Pantry & CAMA
There is still some confusion regarding the split between CAMA and the Collinsville Food Pantry in January

  1. The Collinsville Food Pantry is no longer affiliated with CAMA, so if you would like to support The Collinsville Food Pantry, please make checks payable to The Collinsville Food Pantry (201 E. Church,
    Collinsville.) Although the Spirit of Sharing (S.O.S.) Soup Kitchen falls under The Collinsville Food Pantry, it has a separate
    checking account, so if you would like to support S.O.S., you may make checks payable to S.O.S. and put them in the Faith Hall mailbox in the St. John Church office. If you would like to support S.O.S. as part of your church giving, you may make the check payable to St. John Church – S.O.S. and your offering account will be credited. You will see this on your annual giving statement and will not be receiving an acknowledgment from S.O.S. for your donation. Once a year, a check is written from the S.O.S. line item of the St. John budget to S.O.S. which will include your donation.
    If you have any questions, please contact Dana at 344-2526.

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