2019 To Mars & Beyond VBS

We had a great week at VBS! We had a great staff, great kids, and
great ministry!

This year we had 95 kids registered for VBS – we averaged 86.5
students in attendance a day. To show you what a huge outreach
ministry VBS is, 63% of the children attending VBS this year were from the community! Of those 95 kids attending, 16 were our HHH Summer Camp kids, which is especially exciting!

We had an awesome staff of volunteer adults and youth. We had 84 total volunteers of which 43 were youth helpers which equals 1,260 volunteer hours logged in this week! We ate 472 cinnamon biscuits and drank 15 gallons of Tang and Lemonade. The VBS financial mission this year was House of Hope in Dakak, Senegal, West Africa. The children brought in an astounding $433! This was the exact same amount collected in 2018 with 36 fewer students! EP3-20, Commander Katie Jo’s robot assistant on our mission to Mars, challenged the children saying he would match whatever amount they brought in during the week. That match doubled the amount to $866! On VBS Sunday,St. John Church members supported this mission by donating an additional $592! $1,458 VBS Offering. The children also filled the big grocery cart with their physical offerings of peanut butter, jelly, fruit cups, and granola bars for S.O.S. Soup Kitchen. Commander Katie Jo and I would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers and the congregation for supporting the St. John Church Vacation Bible School!

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