Evening Circle

On June 2, 1941 several young ladies sitting on small pink and blue chairs in the Kindergarten area of the church held a meeting. They were discussing ways to form a society for women who had no specific place in other church organizations. These women were too old for the youth groups. Some were employed and others were young mothers and therefore, could not attend the church’s Woman’s Guild because it met in the afternoon. The first minutes stated that the purpose of this society was to do good and charitable work in local and mission fields. The name chosen was the “Girls Guild”. Two dedicated church women guided them during this organizational phase: Mrs. John Sherman and Mrs. Louis Fry. They voted to have dues of 10 cents a month. They also chose a money-making project pecan pins- made by them, and selling for 10 cents each. The August meeting showed $18.10 in the sale of pins and $2.00 in dues. The Girl’s Guild was ready for CHARITABLE WORK!! The first President was Evelyn
Wenzel. The purpose is to unite women of the entire church with divine help and guidance, to deepen spiritual life and promote Christian service within the home, the denomination, the community, the nation and the world. Officers of the Evening Circle in 1944 were: Ann Bernhardt, president; Helen Jenkins, vice-president; Ina Benvenuto, secretary; and Helen Keller, treasurer. Helen Keller was a charter member of the Evening Circle. In 1950 the group became known as the Evening Circle. The tradition of holding a Guest Nite began in May of 1960.

Currently we host a potluck in November and invite all ladies of the church to attend an “Evening of Fellowship”. Starting with seven members it had 42 when they celebrated their 40th anniversary in 1981. The Evening Circle celebrated the 50th Anniversary of its founding in 1991 with special
recognition in a church service followed by a reception. Currently we have 38 members.The Evening Circle is very active and supportive of all activities of the Church. One month each year they host the Coffee Hour between church services and also help serve at the SOS Kitchen. They are frequently asked to help host or serve at special celebrations of the church. Many of you may remember “the Bazaar” which was held in conjunction with the Wurstmarkt in October, where the Evening Circle ladies sold their many homemade crafts, candies, jellies and nuts. More recently Evening Circle is noted for their Salad Luncheon and Style Show in June,
as well as the spring rummage sale. During the Christmas Season the group also bakes cookies to be distributed in holiday bags for the shut-in members of the church. The Evening Circle members are very appreciative of the congregation’s additional help and support in always these events successful. Proceeds from these mentioned events go to several selected charities each year. Benevolence projects have included the following: Youth Ministries, Collinsville Food Pantry, DuBois Auxiliary, Emmaus Homes, Faith in Action, St John’s Community Care, Hitz Home, Hoyleton Children’s Home, Neighborhood Houses, Meals on Wheels, St. John Giving Tree, Spirit of Sharing Soup Kitchen, Child Fund International, Back Bay Missions, CAMA and St. John Library.

Our Evening Circle Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm inthe Galley (lower level of the Educational Building). The Evening Circle Meetings include devotionals, business, refreshments, and time for fellowship. ALL ARE INVITED!!

Evening Circle Presidents

1941 & 42 – Evelyn Wenzel
1943 & 44 – Ann Bernhardt
1945 – Elizabeth Cole
1946 – Marceline Fritz
1947 – Margaret Guse
1948 – Helen Jenkins
1949 – Helen Lawther
1950 – Ella Meyer
1951 – Ann Berhardt
1952 – Marceline Fritz
1953 – Henreilla Klobucher
1954 & 55– Henriellen Pintar
1956 & 57 – Grace Blumberg
1958 & 59 – Helen Keller
1960 & 61 – Wilma Wenzel
1962 & 63 – Margarie Drenkhahn
1964 & 65 – Josephine Krause
1966 & 67 – Ruby Wieduwilt
1968 & 69 – Lucille Albrecht
1970 & 71 – Betty Cappello
1972 & 73 – Beulah Lehman
1974 & 75 – Ina Ingwersen

1976 & 77 – Marilyn Penn
1978 & 79 – Anna Lehman
1980 & 81 – Dianne Winney
1982 & 83 – Marian Hughes
1984 – Muriel Varone
1985 to 87 – Dema Weinach
1988 & 89 – Louise Nichols
1990 & 91 – Norma Schorfheide
1992 to 95 – Karen Take
1996 to 98 – Ruby Wieduwilt
1999 – Ruby Wieduwilt & Louise Nichols
2000 & 01 – Barb Alley
2002 & 03 – Carol Block
2004 & 05 – Sharon Lake
2006 & o7 – Gail Mueller
2008 to 10 – Carol Schroeder
2011 & 12 – Vicki Donovan
2013 & 14 – Cindy Cooper
2015 & 16 – Becky McNeil
2017 & 18 – Linda Powers
2019 – Rae Lee Brill

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